1986 Wolfsburg Westfalia Weekender in Hickory, NC

No Longer Available

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Asking Price: $7,999

Camper Facts

  • Year: 1986
  • Model / Trim: Wolfsburg Weekender
  • Odometer: 187,123
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Location: Hickory Suburbs, North Carolina
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Details & Pictures

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Wolfsburg Edition Weekender poptop camper.

This has the poptop with upstairs double bed, small rear corner cabinet, rear folding benchseat/bed with seatbelts for 3 instead of 2 like the kitchen campers, wall-mounted fold-up table, and rear-facing jumpseat, so you have more room for people and gear instead of having the stove/sink/fridge cabinet in the way like with the full campers. I passed over several full campers to get this, which I wanted to be able to have more room for the whole family and be more practical for an around-town vehicle as well as road trips.

This was originally a New Mexico bus so NO RUST which is rarer and rarer these days as these things get older. I bought it from a shop that just completed a major mechanical overhaul on it after it was parked 10 years ago and sat until last summer. As you can see cosmetically it is rough around the edges, but that’s why it is priced under $10,000, as opposed to one that’s had all the paint and upholstery work and details finished and would then be well over $20,000.

Manual transmission shifts fine, mileage shows 187,xxx, but new top end with literally under 500 miles on it.

The good:
Weekender interior package
Wolfsburg Edition, has rear window wiper/washer (but not currently working-wires cut)
Major mechanical overhaul with less than 500 miles:
new heads/head gaskets/ engine seals
ball joints
new brake system
new clutch slave cylinder
cv joints/boots
full tune up/oil change/fluid change at that time
NEW heavy-duty D rated vanagon tires at the same time
no rust on body/frame
I have installed a whole new Delta Six OEM sunroof assembly with new seals, hardware, etc.
All locks work on the same key now, I also had a spare key made at that time.
New heavy-duty air intake snorkel hose
new throttle body gasket installed, with spare included (I bought an extra just to have on hand)
This was originally a vehicle with Air Conditioning, so all of that is there, just not connected
new capacitor soldered in to fix the coolant gauge (no more blinky blinky all the time, just on startup as it’s supposed to do)
replaced worn out LCD dash clock with working one from a MKII Golf
Comes with a lot of extra stuff as seen in boxes…
Will throw in partial roll of slightly darker matching brown upholstery fabric for the rear

The Bad
only bad spot on body is the rear hatch/passenger corner. Looks like it was hit years ago, bondo now chipping off. Hatch opens and closes fine, but the bodywork is definitely rough in that corner.
Also 2 fer-real bullet holes in the rear by the lock as seen.
Rear Upholstery is shot. I pulled off the jumpseat cover, it’s usable for a pattern and that’s about it. I did find some upholstery fabric that’s a decent match, will throw that in.
Interior panels are pretty rough, as is dash.
Body was originally white, then at some point Orly Blue, now very sloppy primer black…
poptop tent has a few tears and patches in it. Usable, but getting rough…
I’ve had the gauge cluster in and out a handful of times fixing the gas gauge, clock, and temp gauge, all of which now work fine. Unfortunately the last time apparently I knocked something loose so the oil pressure light is now blinking. Probably just something loose since it worked perfectly before that. Also the blue plastic gauge cluster foil is starting to show some wear as is typical. 2 top mounting tabs for gauge cluster are broken, but rest are ok. Now comes with extra parts pod and foil, which I plan to start swapping out if I ever get the chance.
And finally, Idle issues. I recently just bought over $500 of fuel injection parts to get the idle better. It is a lot better than it was, but still not 100% dialed in. I’ve been trying to track that down, but haven’t been able to. My loss your gain…that being said, this drives fine at speed, I just don’t want to do that too much until everything is just exactly perfect.
Battery is 5 years old, still starts, but getting a little weak.

I bought this because it was affordable and I thought I would fix it up easily like I used to do a few years ago before kids…sadly I have no time or money to do so now and it’s just basically sitting there, other than me driving it every week or two just to keep it up.
Mainly wanting to sell outright, but might consider trades for an older VW camper with carburetor, vanagon with diesel engine, small RV, less than 24′, preferably a Toyota but will also consider other makes/models. Must sleep at least 4 and be in good running condition, good tires, etc. Also can throw in Diesel VW wagon for the right deal. Only non-camper I’d be interested in trading for might be a diesel Suburban or Excursion and a camper trailer (non-pop-up) or maybe a baja beetle AND a camper trailer. Email for questions, pictures, etc. Will be happy to answer phone questions and arrange a test drive after we have weeded out the scammers.
Email for more pics, info, etc…

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