1985 Westfalia Weekender in Odessa, TX


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Asking Price: $18,750 $15,900

1985 Odessa TX

Camper Facts

  • Year: 1985
  • Model / Trim: Westfalia Weekender
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: See Below
  • Transmission: See Below

Seller Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Location: Odessa, Texas
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

1985 Vanagon Westfalia Weekender 2.1 L DJ Westy Price: 18,750

*Please read entire ad, and feel free to ask any questions you may have 🙂
Greetings, and thanks for looking!

1985 VW Wolfsburg Vanagon with Westfalia poptop and Weekender interior. A very nice and versatile set up for a Vanagon. More practical for everyday use, but can be loaded up with gear for longer excursions. Seats 6 including driver, with a rear facing single seat and a fold out table. From what I have read the Wolfsburg Edition models come with a different trim on the interior, and a special Badge one the exterior.

For this restoration I had the opportunity to build up a motor to replace the stock 1.9L motor. It’s compression was good, but I found a spot where it might have been leaking coolant. So, why not upgrade to a 2.1L motor? Well we did one better and built a 2.1L DJ motor. The DJ is a higher compression piston that many covet and from reliable sources is said to produce 112-114 HP over the stock 1.9s 85-90 hp. Some good quality AMC heads refurbished with new TRW valves, intake and exhaust. The pistons and rings are also brand new OEM VW. To compliment this motor I’ve added on some Mansi multi point injecters (added smoothness and almost 5hp!) paired with their 1.25:1 ratio rockers(another 3-4hp). My estimated end HP is 116-120.

Bang for buck I’m really happy with the power amd torque this motor makes. Transmission shifts quiet and has a positive feel going into each gear. The stock exhaust from BD sounds really good and one of the VW guys in town caught me at the store to tell me how nice it looks and sounds.

List of new parts just installed:
—Mechanical—(Van comes with all receipts)
Pistons/Rings 2.1 DJ
TRW valves in rebuilt AMC Heads
1.25:1 Rockers and lash caps
Valve Covers and Clips
Engine seal kit: all seals including crankshaft seals.
Engine mounts and late model braket
Full exhaust system and new O2 sensor
Manifold boots
Intake Boot (and late model(larger) throttle body)
Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor
Complete fuel system: Tank, hoses, vents, seals, level sender, regulator and injectors
Air filter/oil filter
Thermostat and coolant sensors/ level and temps
Coolant tank and cap
Coolant lines (stainless steel)
Behr Radiator and Fan switch
Power steering hose lines
All brake lines: metal hard lines and braided stainless steal flex lines
Clutch line and flex hose
Brakes/ calipers, front pads, cylinders, rear shoes and springs and drums and discs
Front axle nuts
All brake cables/parking
Front heater valve
Front bearings and seals
Upper Ball Joints
Battery Cables and relocated Battery for more reliable cranking power!
Both Axles and all CV Joints/Boots
Rear Axle Nuts

Cleaned, double waxed
Skylight assembly and Seal
Top and Cargo Seal
Canvas from Busdepot

Inside Brand New Stuff
Curtain Hooks and Sliders
Carpet- Full kit front to rear deck
Seat Covers: Fronts, jump seat(aka box seat) and rear bench seat(fold down bed)
Bottom bed cushion cover
Custom Cut and Stained Panels
OEM cup holder
OEM Light

Rear Bumper
All Bumper End Caps
Hatch Strut
Front Blinkers

We’ve spent 5 months on this Van, as she needed allot of tlc. But the good news is she was put in the right hands at the right time to preserve and restore a most excellent machine. While all the fuel, coolant and hydraulic systems were removed the bottom chassis of the Van was scraped sanded and sealed in every nook and cranny that can be seen and many that can’t. Then each part that was to be reused was sanded and painted. The nice part about going so far in mechanically is the areas it exposes that can then be sealed with an undercoating. We are very pleased with how this project turned out.

Additionally there will be pictures of the Van with brand new General Grabber AT2s (205/75R15). These will be available for an extra fee and can come with one or two full size spares. Also, any 14” tire you might want to replace the new Hankooks with can be facilitated.

Coming soon
12/16/2019- Currently installing an all new Sewfine interior
Photos to be posted soon
12/22/2019- getting closer to final install and pics!
12/30/2019- small Holi-delay, weather battle, life stuff, lol, but very close to final pic and post!

Transport Available: Depending on the time frame and location. Typically the buyer pays for a Uhaul trailer rental with insurance and fuel to location and estimated return fuel and if its a really long drive a cheap motel room. This is usually the safest and least expensive way to recieve your new bundle of joy, but I also have some transport company conections to refer folks

Higher definition photos in link. Some before, after and during photos, with more to be added soon.


Tips for financing:
Usually local lending from credit unions is a good place to start. Most lenders are not aware of their own rules and will tell you they cannot finace a vehicle of that age. They are correct. BUT! What they don’t know is that you can apply for a signature loan, and use the Vehicle as collateral. It might be 1-2 points higher interest than an auto loan, but usually no down payment, though it’s good to have some of your own skin in the game. GWs opinion of value report and other posted adds to validate the price may be helpful.

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